Maria Sharapova Shrieking Annoys Former Tennis Pro

SHARAPOVA SHRIEKS MAKES EX-TENNIS CHAMP SHUDDER: A former tennis champion doesn’t enjoy the racket made by Maria Sharapova’s on-court shrieking:

Maria Sharapova action

The SYDNEY MORNING HERALD gets an earful from Judy Dalton, a former Grand Slam doubles champ who’s had enough of Maria’s monstrous mid-match mouthings:”If that was me and I was playing Sharapova, I would be saying, ‘If you continue with that, you can have the match - I’ll walk off and I’ll lodge a complaint’.”

Sharapova’s shrieks have been recorded at 101.2 decibels - similar to the sounds of a police siren or a small aircraft landing. And Dalton can’t stands it no more:

I find it absolutely excruciating, and there’s so many people that can’t stand watching Sharapova, because [the noise] is just so bad.”

Maria Sharapova Upskirt Photo

But there are still plenty of people who do enjoy watching Maria, especially up close & personal.