Blog-O-Rama: Maria Sharapova Has A Nice Pass

• BUSTED COVERAGE wouldn’t mind huddling up with Maria Sharapova at quarterback.

Maria Sharapova quarterback

• Michael David Smith of AOL FANHOUSE reports drug testing in cycling may be going a bit too far, as Kevin van Impe was ordered to immediately give a urine sample - in the middle of arranging his young son’s funeral.

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT shoots us news that soccer had returned to war-torn Chechnya after a 14-year absence.

• With news of Billy Packer’s possible packing up & leaving, 100% INJURY RATE recalls the analyst’s defense of Gerald Henderson smacking Tyler Hansbrough.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS proposes that Alabama’s Mykal Riley may have saved lives by making his three-pointer against Mississippi State.

• And EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY offers additional video of the Atlanta storm aftermath, including an unplanned indoor waterfall.

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS reels in video of Hulk Hogan promoting fantasy fishing.

• THE SPORTS HERNIA tees up a clip of Chris “Mad Dog” Russo declaring he’s had enough of Tiger Woods - complete with flailing-arms action!

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC isn’t rah-rahing over their choices of the 10 worst mascots of March Madness.

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