Maria Sharapova leather dress Phil Mickelson collapse

• WITH LEATHER spots Maria Sharapova in their namesake:

Maria Sharapova leather

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT is feeling a shakedown as Oriole legend Cal is Rip(ken)ing off his hometown.• WAGGLE ROOM finds structural faults in yet another Phil Mickelson collapse:

Phil Mickelson Caddyshack

• FIRE JOE MORGAN asks if someone could get Stephen A. Smith a chair.• THE LOSS COLUMN gets its balls all racked up as they discover the next hot billiards player:

Hot Pool Player

• ELEVEN WARRIORS has video of an 8-year-old football phenom being called the “White Reggie Bush.• Speaking of RB, DAILY MOTION has a video confession that he & Kim Kardashian are just “good friends”:

Reggie Bush Kim Kardashian

• THE FEED believes Mark Cuban would be good for the Cubs and good for baseball.• TV BLOGGIN thinks Emmitt Smith may not get a word in edgewise between Keyshawn & The Big Tuna on ESPN’s ‘Monday Night Countdown’:

Bill Parcells Emmitt Smith Keyshawn Johnson

• BUGS & CRANKS wonders what’s eating Erik Bedard?