Sharapova Sees Her Celebrity Status As “Weird”

Even though she didn’t win the French Open, Maria Sharapova still remains a hot topic (and a hot chick) among the sporting community. However, the tennis titaness says she really doesn’t care for all the attention, and finds her celebrity status “weird“.

Maria Sharapova skirt blown up

Mark Hodgkinson of the UK’s DAILY TELEGRAPH chats with the renowned racketeer, and discovers that Maria doesn’t want everyone to believe that she’s always the intense swinging gal you see on the courts:

“I’m a very low-key person. I don’t need many things. I don’t need glamour and attention to be happy. I’m very happy being settled and working my butt off and trying to win grand slams. I want my tennis to speak for everything.”

Guess that’s why she’s hosting a phone fashion show in London on Thursday. There’s still time to win tickets to the sexy cellular event!

Maria Sharapova camera

To be fair, Maria did raise a big stink about having to do an all-day photo shoot right before the Italian Open. So there may be a bit a truth to Sharapova wanting to shun the spotlight.

And sometimes she still doesn’t understand her fame:

“I still find my celebrity weird - it’s always weird, you know, when I see my image on the cover of a magazine. That’s very, very strange. I remember for a while I had been getting a lot of praise from people, but I never felt as though I deserved it until I had won grand slams and held the world No 1 ranking. And then I thought, ‘OK, all that talk, I understand it now’. But before then it was just random.”

Maria Sharapova O-face

So, if Maria not so thrilled about international photo shoots & crazy birthday parties in New York, what would she rather be doing instead?

Sharapova is just as interested in being at home in Manhattan Beach in California, serving up afternoon tea or home-made mint lemonade to her friends (”I get the lemons from the farmers’ market on Tuesdays”).

She better keep an eye out for 80-year-old drivers.

Maria also adds that despite her on-court demeanor, she doesn’t like to always take herself too seriously:

“I love making fun of myself. I do it all the time. I was doing that in the restaurant the other night,” she said, and the very thought of mocking herself made her collapse into laughter again.

She probably got tips from Novak Djokovic.

We guess Maria can be a bit uncomfortable with her celebrity status, but it’s her tennis prowess and good looks that have given her so many opportunities, a fact she doesn’t deny.

Maria Sharapova leather dress

If Sharapova really gets to hate her fame, she can just start falling farther & farther down the world rankings. (She’s already slipped to #3.) Or when she heads out in public, she can leave the make-up at home.

Before you know it, Japanese execs will soon stop taking secret snapshots underneath Sharapova’s skirt.