Maria Sharapova Bond Girl Fantasy

SHARAPOVA SEES HER FUTURE IN BONDS….JAMES BONDS: It would appear that Wimbledon is not enough, as Maria Sharapova’s next racket is to be a Bond girl.

Maria Sharapova Bond Girl

A friend of the tennis star told the TIMES OF INDIA that Maria is a big fan of the 007 films, and she herself feels her “Russian blood” would make her perfect for James’ latest sexy sidekick.

Sharapova Sherlock

Sharapova seems to have prepared for any possible role: “I’m really good at manipulating people. And I’m great at spying. I should have been Sherlock Holmes.”

Sharapova Austin Powers

As she smashes away in England, Sharapova has been rumored to be considered for two upcoming Bonds films: “From Russia With 40-Love” and “You Only Fault Twice.”

Vladimir Putin

But if M or Q disapprove, Sharapova has a plan B to play for the other side. She’s stated that after current Bond Daniel Craig, her choice for dream tennis partner would be Russian prez (and ex-KGB officer) Vladimir Putin.