Sharapova Soldiers Thru Shortened Photo Shoot

One of the great international disputes of our time has happily been settled - Maria Sharapova finally agreed to do a photo shoot.

Maria Sharapova camera

The tennis titaness caused a stir earlier in the month when she complained about doing a shoot the day before the Italian Open. Sharapova wasn’t pleased about participating in a four- to five-hour photo op right before a big tournament. Meanwhile, the WTA was ready to fine her $700,000 if she didn’t show up.

Luckily, a compromise was finally reached.

TENNIS.COM reports that Maria was able to convince the WTA to shorten the shoot from the proposed four hours to 90 minutes. And that gave her some sense of relief:

Maria Sharapova red top

“Considering the time reduction, it definitely makes that a lot easier than going into a four- or five-hour shoot with hair and makeup, which adds another hour.”

So, Maria showed up on Sunday, and showed off for the photographers. And what kinds of painful posing did she have to perform?

“I was riding around in a car for an hour talking pretending like I’m talking on the phone. That was pretty much it.”

That’s it? All this bemoaning over a simple Sunday drive?

Maria Sharapova with car

(Sharapova at a previous car shoot)

Well, at least it’s all over and done with. The WTA had its photo op, Maria can get back to court matters, and new Sharapova shots will soon be unleashed upon the world. It’s a win-win situation!

Unless the pics turn out blurry & a re-shoot is needed.