Marbury’s Head Now a Billboard for Starbury Inc.

Marc Berman of the NEW YORK POST has traveled out to Las Vegas to cover the New York Knicks’ summer league. Apparently, the Post forgot to send a photographer along.

Artist rendering of Stephon Marbury's new tattoo

Mark’s feature on Stephon Marbury  found in yesterday’s paper lead with the following paragraph, “Stephon Marbury bound off the Knicks’ team bus at Vegas’ Valley High last night - a new tattoo inscribed on his left temple. The “3″ logo found on his Starbury sneaker and apparel line is now a permanent part of his bald head.”

Rather than giving the world a photo of the guard’s new inked dome, the Post ran a file photo of Marbury. Meanwhile those of us not lucky enough to be spending our weekend in Las Vegas watching basketball are left to wonder just how incredible Marbury looks with the logo of his cheap shoes on the side of his head.Thanks to photoshop we give you our artist rendering of “Stephon Marbury’s Head: The Billboard”

Talk about bad timing for a tattoo, not only does it look like Marbury’s days in New York are numbered but Steve & Barry’s the retailer who sells his Starbury shoes has just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.