Marathon Runner’s Attacker Kills Self While In Jail

In this morning’s Speed Read, we briefly covered the curious case of the heroic female marathon runner in San Diego who fought off and helped capture a would-be assailant, Thomas Parker, when he accosted her in her garage. It was one of those wonderful empowering stories, the second in two days actually.

Marathon runners

It takes a true coward to commit violence towards anyone, let alone someone perceived as less-powerful than one’s self. And true to form, Parker proved himself once more to be the ultimate coward by committing suicide overnight in his San Diego jail cell.

Parker’s death was confirmed by SIGN ON SAN DIEGO:

A 39-year-old coffee-shop owner accused in a series of San Diego home-invasion robberies and sexual assaults committed suicide in the downtown jail early Friday.

Thomas James Parker of Tierrasanta was found dead in his jail cell Friday morning, sources confirmed.

While some people might feel that Parker deprived his victims of some sort of justice, the truth is that by removing himself from this mortal coil, Parker saved his victims and would-be victims the emotional turmoil of having to testify against him at trial, and relive their horrible experiences.

This is actually a story that hits home in a big way. One year ago today, a dear friend of mine, Jana Mackey, was attacked and murdered by her ex-boyfriend in Lawrence, Kansas. And like the coward Robert Parker, Jana’s killer also attempted to flee and then subsequently committed suicide in his jail cell. The world is a better place without these sort of people. Violence against women is abhorrent and should never be tolerated for one second. If only we could hang all the cowardly perpetrators of these crimes, not just those who choose the easy way out for themselves, the world would be a better place.

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