ManU’s Wayne Rooney Throws The Ball At Referee

Manchester United is England’s most famous soccer club, and for good reason: they have high salaries, high profiles, and high standards of success. The Yankees are about as perfect an analogy as you can ask for, though ManU wins a bit more than the Yankees these days.

Rooney Melts Down
(We’re pretty sure punching a defenseless flag didn’t change the ref’s mind. Nice try, Shrek)

So when United dropped their second straight match (to Fulham, even), much-ballyhooed striker Wayne Rooney brought his team back together with reasoned leadership. By that, of course, we mean he melted the f*** down and probably ruined any chance at the Red Devils breaking that losing streak when they face Aston Villa in a couple weeks. And look, it’s fine to get frustrated during a loss. Firing the ball at a referee when you’ve already got a yellow card on the day, well, that’s just retarded.

We’ll let the inestimably brilliant UNPROFESSIONAL FOUL tell the whole story:

The England striker came on at halftime for Dimitar Berbatov and proved to be a dangerous player–dangerous to ManU’s title chances as he was sent off for a petulant second yellow late in the match. It was the table toppers second red in the match and means Rooney, [Paul] Scholes and [Nemanja] Vidic will all miss the next league match and possibly Evra due to yellow card accumulation. Berbatov may also miss the match due to injury.

It’s hard to say what he thought he was accomplishing by throwing the ball at the ref - you can’t even use your hands, man - or punching out the corner flag, shown above. But it’s easy to see what he did accomplish: getting a one game vacation. ManU’s still at the top of the standings, but a losing streak’s definitely not the time to be losing one’s composure. It’s where leaders step up… and children throw tantrums.