UK Soccer Goalie Aghast With Ghosts In His Home

THE SUN sends along spirited news that a soccer goalie for Arsenal believes his house is haunted.

Manuel Almunia ghost

Manuel Almunia claims he’s heard chains rattling and stereos turning on by themselves in the middle of the night at his Abbots Langley home. And his wife has even supposedly seen the ghost of a monk:

One night, we were sleeping and my wife suddenly woke me up with a shout. She said there was this monk-like figure with a candle in his hand. She was in bed, next to me. I didn’t see him but I was s*** scared.”

Almurna says he’s spoken to neighbors about the spooks, and they’ve told him that this sounded “normal”, since most locals believe the player’s house was built on the site of an old mental hospital.

Well, then. Manuel either needs to call Ghostbusters or a moving company, or start wearing Depends to bed.