Manu Ginobili Forced To Get 16(!) Rabies Shots

Jeff McDonald of the SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS reports today that Manu Ginobili is facing four different sessions of rabies shots after he caught and killed a bat at the Spurs-Kings game last Saturday.

Video of Manu Ginobili Catching Killing Bat

(One more time for the PETA kooks)

Team officials could not locate the bat after Saturday’s game against Sacramento, so it could not be tested for disease. Which meant Ginobili will spend the next month getting a series of precautionary shots to protect against rabies.

While we all wince, the PETA kooks are high-fiving over early-bird Veggie burgers on L.A.’s Westside. 

“Series” of shots means that Ginobili will get four shots (in the arm and hip) during each of four visits from the doctor in the next 30 days.

Ginobili said today before practice, “It was pretty funny at the time. Now, it’s not. I have to get like a million shots.

First time in my life I’ve ever heard an NBA player upset over getting so many shots.