Mantle’s Nephew: Singer, Actor, Transvestite

Last Monday a reader sent me a video interview of a transvestite show business performer named Kelly Mantle.

Kelly Mantle Mickey Mantle's transvestite nephew

(Kelly Mantle (r): Nephew of switch-hitting Yankees legend Mickey)

Mr. Mantle is the son of 69-year-old Larry “Butch” Mantle, brother of New York Yankees great Mickey Mantle.

Turns out Kelly Mantle has a long, legitimate list of TV acting credits, including roles on CSI: Las Vegas, NYPD Blue, Judging Amy and the feature film Superfag.

The Oklahoma native, like his famous baseball-playing uncle, is also a stage performer and singer.

Kelly’s father Butch Mantle is a longtime high school and college football coach. Most recently Butch was reported to be coaching eight-man high school football in Oklahoma.

Kelly claims that she still keeps in touch with Butch, and that his father follows his career closely:

My dad’s my biggest fan. He’s still calling me and telling me he listens to the CD every day, all the way through.”

With Kelly having such extensive show business experience, it is interesting to note that he wasn’t cast in Billy Crystal’s film about his father and Roger Maris: 61.

Perhaps Kelly will gain consideration from Crystal for a role in the stage adaptation.

As for the public persona of Kelly Mantle, it is interesting that he hasn’t been mentioned in main sports media before, despite being featured in many mainstream newspapers, like the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, for his show business work.

If Kelly Mantle had the same, legitimate entertainment resume but wasn’t a transvestite, I have a feeling we would know more about him by now. (Though his cross-dressing didn’t bother media companies that air CSI, NYPD Blue and Judging Amy.)