Manny’s Move to LA Moves Dodgers’ Tickets Sales

Despite the thousands of entertainment options available on a Friday night in Los Angeles (many of which involve drunk attractive girls with low self-esteem), 12,000 Angelenos decided to make the trip to Chavez Ravine to watch the debut of Manny Ramirez in Dodger Blue.

Manny Ramirez Dodgers

LOS ANGELES TIMES reports “In the 30 hours that followed the announcement that the Dodgers had traded for Ramirez, the team sold more than 30,000 single-game tickets as well as almost 300 season-ticket packages for the remaining home games, according to chief operating officer Dennis Mannion.

Manny’s debut in friday night’s game, a 2-1 loss to Randy Johnson and the first place Diamondbacks, was sold out with more than 12,000 of the tickets purchased after the temperamental slugger became a Dodger.

The sold out crowd got to see the Dodger’s new and pretty much only slugger go 2-for-4. Aside from displaying his prowess at the plate, Manny was Manny in the field while showing off his rare ability to give up extra bases, “In the fifth inning, he took his time getting to a ball hit to left-center by Chris Burke, as a likely double became a triple.”

Meanwhile, the Red Sox, who fill up their Fenway Park every night regardless of who is playing left field, won the first game of the post-Manny era beating Oakland 2-1.