Manny To Play For Yankees To Punish Red Sox?

Yesterday, the BOSTON GLOBE’s Dan Shaughnessy claimed that Major League Baseball was investigating the circumstances of Manny Ramirez’s trade out of Boston. Something about playing at half-speed in recent weeks to force the Red Sox to deal him. (Isn’t half-speed the only way Manny knows how to play?)

Manny Ramirez and Roger Clemens

Turns out, the story was bunk, but according to George King of the NEW YORK POST, ManRam has grand plans to exact revenge on the organization that paid him more than $100 million:

According to people who have spoken to the eccentric outfielder since he was dealt to L.A. on July 31, Ramirez wants to sign a free-agent deal with the Yankees this offseason and get 19 chances a year to punish Boston.

“He wants to play for the Yankees so he can get at the Red Sox,” a close friend of Ramirez’s told the POST.

King points out that this could all be a ploy by Ramirez to maximize his value on the free-agent market. The Yankees pay top dollar for talent, and even if they don’t land the player, they drive up the price simply by being in the running. And that’s the point.

To counter the move the Red Sox are considering signing Roger Clemens to fire fastballs nowhere near Manny’s head in an effort to rattle the obviously insane slugger.