Add Jaywalking To Manny’s List of Misdemeanors

This “Manny Being Manny” business has gone on too long. It’s about time someone held the Red Sox slugger accountable for his actions. Thankfully, one person finally had the courage to stand up to Manny Ramirez - and that heroic person was a traffic cop stationed outside Safeco Field.

Manny Ramirez Seattle police

Geoff Baker of the SEATTLE TIMES walks over the tale of the harrowing encounter between the Boston batter and one of Seattle’s finest (not to be confused with Seattle’s Best).

It happened Monday night after the Mariners’ 4-0 shutout at the hands of the Sox. Ramirez was trying to make a hurried exit, “with headphones on trying to look inconspicuous and quickly get away from the crowds.” But in his rush, Manny met his law-enforcing match:

He started to cross South Royal Brougham Way, against the signals of a traffic cop who was directing pedestrians. The police officer demanded that Ramirez open his wallet and show identification. He warned him that he could face a $500 fine and possible arrest for disobeying a police officer.

Was the cop trying to get a measure of revenge for the M’s loss that evening? Not likely. In fact, the officer probably didn’t know who he was dealing with:

It became clear to those watching that the policeman had no idea who Ramirez was. He didn’t ask for an autograph or anything, but did ask Ramirez if he’d attended the game.

So, how many thousands of dollars did this confrontation cost Manny?

After the brief lecture, and no argument from Ramirez, the police officer let him go with no further trouble.

Phew! That was a close one. But Manny better watch his step the next time he’s in the Pacific Northwest - which would be tonight. On the down side, no charities will be getting any money from this altercation.