Manny Ramirez Forgot To Cash $10,000 Check?!

You can call it Manny being Manny or living a charmed life, either way the Boston Red Sox outfielder always lands on his feet. Whether it’s making a bonehead play in the field or saying “Who cares if we lose?”, Ramirez always wins us back.

Boston Red Sox Manny Ramirez

Apparently Manny has the same abilities in the financial world. Ramirez is being mailed a check for $10,000 from the Massachusetts abandoned property fund. The money is for an uncashed shoe company check.

The treasurer’s office said Ramirez was due money from a check from Reebok International Ltd. that he never cashed — and he will receive an extra $49.56 in interest.

Not only does Manny get his money, but he collected interest. Lucky S.O.B. It’s safe to assume he lost the first check, threw it out by accident, or ruined it by using it as a drink coaster. I hope for Manny’s sake that the Red Sox have a direct deposit option.