Manny Pacquiao’s Secret: “God appeared to me”

Edwin Fernandez of the Filipino website INQUIRER MINDANAO reports on a secret Manny Pacquiao shared to a convention center crowd gathered last Thursday for his birthday celebration in General Santos City:

Manny Pacquiao Tells Crowd He Met God

“In my 31 years here on earth, God appeared to me once and told me to have unconditional faith in Him. … That is true. I was not yet very popular and world champion when our God appeared to me and assured me of strength and power.”

“This is the first time I reveal this … although I was asked many times what are the secrets that made me very popular and world champion.”

Fernandez also noted, “every time Pacquiao said that he drew his strength from God, the audience responded by saying, ‘Amen.’

Some of you might get a chuckle from that story, but having lived myself in the South for 10 years, I can assure you that Pacquiao (okay maybe Holyfield) could give the same sermon - with similar response  - at the Macon Convention Center. Or in Orange County, just south of L.A., where there are more high profile televangelists than anywhere in the country.

And the audience would embrace Pacquiao’s claims just as literally as a Filipino audience.

Though there is one shocking part to the story of Pacquiao telling a crowd that he met god.

He didn’t follow it up by demanding money.