Manny Being Booed By Bonds-Loving Giants Fans

• Suspected steroid abuser Manny Ramirez gets a rude reception from San Francisco Giants fans - the same Giants fans who were so passionate in supporting suspected steroid abuser Barry Bonds.

Manny Ramirez Giants fan sign

• 49ers coach Mike Singletary makes a mountain out of a molehill, forcing QB Alex Smith to watch the rest of practice from high above.

Bobby Bowden would like to share his prostate problems with you.

• EA sports donates advanced copies of Madden 10 to a U.S. submarine crew who are shipping out before the game’s official release date.

• Would it really kill the NHL to let Jim Balsillie move the Phoenix Coyotes to Hamilton, Ontario?

• PGA to fine Tiger Woods for criticizing an official? Not so fast.

• A female tennis player sues Raleigh, North Carolina, because the men won’t play her in a city-sponsored league.

Ali Kay, the to-be-married Malibu socialite supposedly being stalked by Reggie Miller, hasn’t helped matters by reportedly sending the ex-NBA star photos of herself in bed & in a bikini.

• Could the USFL be making a comeback? Well, they do have a website up.

• All those new TV highlight & online video restrictions the SEC recently handed down? Why, that was all just a big misunderstanding.