Mangino Weighs In On ‘Fat Little Girlfriends’ Flap

In my opinion it seems like a good name for a band, but others are up in arms over Texas Tech coach Mike Leach and his remark on Tuesday about members of his team being distracted by their “fat little girlfriends.” Will Leach have to apologize to girlfriends everywhere over his remark — especially the fat, little ones?

Mark Mangino

Not if Mark Mangino can help it. The Kansas coach came to the rescue of his colleague late Tuesday and demanded that the PC police, and fat people everywhere, lay off his friend. But then, a startling revelation …

Mike Leach and Mark Mangino had slumber parties together? And watched Howard Stern? Yes, it’s apparently true. The shocking details following the jump.

Kansas plays at Texas Tech on Halloween, so I guess it’s appropriate for all of this nightmare fuel to come up now. The KANSAS CITY STAR caught the action:

“I don’t want to get into all of that. There’s pretty girls everywhere,” Mangino said. “Tech’s got their share, and KU has their share. We’re partial. We think KU has the best. I think you can have fun with it. That’s what Mike’s trying to do. He’s trying to have fun with it.”

“We’re really uptight in society,” Mangino said. “We’re really politically correct. I love watching Joe Paterno’s press conferences. We watch them on tape. I think they’re the best. He is the king of college football. He can say anything he wants, and I love it. He’s earned the right to do that. I sit there and I say, ‘Jeez, if I said something like that, I’d have to apologize.’ We need a little bit of that. We’re too uptight in this society.”

When pressed again about whether he talks to his team about the possibility of girlfriends distracting them, Mangino hesitated and then said:

“This here is a democracy, to a point. But the cutoff line … we don’t talk to players about who their girlfriend should be, what they should look like, all that. I’m telling you, our coaches aren’t sitting up here until 10:30, 11 o’ clock at night worried about our players’ girlfriends. That’s their business.”

For his part, Leach remained unapologetic about the “fat girlfriends” remark on Tuesday. But in attempting to lighten the mood, he gave everyone a giant, bracing dose of Grade-A nightmare fuel.

“I know Mark pretty well, and he’s a friend of mine,’’ Leach said. “Anybody that you have slumber parties with on the floor of the University of Oklahoma athletic complex outside your office… . You know, we slept in our offices when we first got there. There’d be nights of coffee, microwave popcorn and film. Well, film until Howard Stern came on.

“He’s a fantastic guy. He’s got great energy. He’s got passion for the game. I think Kansas the program has benefited as a result of that.’’

What the hell? Tell me they didn’t paint each other’s toenails and leaf through Cosmo. Now must scrub my brain with Clorox. See you in a couple of hours.