Mangino AP Coach Of The Year; Not Going To West Va.

LAWRENCE REPORTER MENTIONS MARK MOVING TO MOUNTAINEERS: Our big buddy Mark Mangino has another accolade to add to his ever-growing waistline trophy case, as the King Kong of Kansas was named the Associated Press 2007 Coach of the Year.

Mark Mangino

When you get such recognition, other schools are sure to come calling. Or at least that’s what this reporter thought.

DEADSPIN has the tale of Ryan Wood, reporter for the LAWRENCE WORLD-JOURNAL, who thought he had a scoop of Mangino hoofing it to Morgantown to fill West Virginia’s coaching vacancy. (Mangino is big enough to fill a lot of coaching spots - all at the same time!)

A man claiming to be Mangino’s agent called Wood on Wednesday and told him about Mangino’s contract negotiations with the Mountaineers. Wood went ahead and posted the story.

Mark Mangino fake West Virginia story

However, it turns out ol’ Ryan was a victim of a hoax. KU officials called Wood back and said no such talks had taken place, and West Virginia had not contacted Kansas about speaking to Mangino. The World-Journal posted a correction, apologizing for “misleading any readers.”

But not all news outlets were fooled. The TOPEKA CAPTIAL-JOURNAL received the same prank call, but checked with the Jayhawks SID first, who said there were no such talks. When told by the Topeka paper that they thought he was joking, “The caller said, ‘Well, whatever,’ and hung up.”

Mark Mangino McDonalds

So, it looks like the Mangenius will keep grazing in America’s Heartland for now - as long as his heart can handle it.