Manchester Fans Fly To Paris For A Home Game

Manchester City just can’t stay out of the news today. When they found out their team would be paired up against Paris Saint-Germain in the UEFA Cup, Man City fans rushed out and booked their flights to and hotel rooms in Paris. One problem. The match will be played in Manchester. Whoops.

Manchester City

Call it a case of premature evacuation.

Man City, which you’ll recall is the team from Manchester that nobody cares about, was placed in a group with the Paris-based PSG in last week’s UEFA Cup Draw. Excited fans hurried to ensure they’d be there to cheer their team on, but may have gotten ahead of themselves. Now angry supporters are claiming that they spent hundreds of pounds on travel plans, because both teams had the match listed on their web sites as taking place in France. So unless they’re willing to pay the cancellation fees, a good number of City fans will be on holiday in Gay Paree while their team plays back at home.

It’s plausible that the clubs mistakenly said the match would be held in Paris. But here’s the thing - when City fans were snapping up those hotel rooms, a date had not yet been announced for the game. So even if they thought it would be contested across the channel, they were just guessing as to when it would actually happen.

This might’ve been wishful thinking on the part of the Mancunians. Manchester is the Detroit of England, while Paris is the, uh, Paris of France. Where would you rather spend a few days?

Manchester Slums

(Visit beautiful downtown Manchester!)

Even better, the match is on a Wednesday. Pity the poor Manc who has to explain to his boss that he was in Paris, watching the match on television. Maybe this sort of thing explains why Mancunians take more sick days than anyone else in the U.K.