Olympics Fan Sticks 2008 Needles Onto His Body

This fan must be on pins & needles waiting for the Beijing Olympics to start:

Olympic pinhead

TMZ pokes up this pic of a gentleman who decided to celebrate the 2008 games by sticking 2008 needles into his body.

The pins are poking out from his head, face, arms, and even chest. Note the two shirt holes cut out around his nipples for easier needle access.

What’s even more strange is that all the needles appear to be tiny crosses. Maybe this man was trying to do a crucifixion, but the instructions got lost in translation. (It’s people nailed to crosses, not crosses nailed to people.)

Or maybe this guy is auditioning himself to become the official Olympic acupuncturist for the 2008 games. But if he goes through all this trouble without getting it, he may feel a bit of a prick.