Man Shoots Himself Celebrating Reggie Bush Touchdown

Chicago’s 39-14 win over New Orleans in the NFC title game Sunday wasn’t enough for some Bears fans.

Chicago football followers still can’t get over the fact that Saints rookie running back Reggie Bush flipped into the end zone and taunted the Bears’ Brian Urlacher on that 88-yard touchdown run that cut the lead at the time to 16-14.

It was a move that Bears players say actually fired them up and made them want to run up the score.

Another Bears fan in Port Angeles, Washington, also got so fired up that he ended up in the hospital with a bullet wound.

A man who was cleaning his .45-caliber handgun accidentally shot himself in the hand while celebrating Bush’s TD, say the local county sheriff. The bullet tore through the 52-year-old guy’s hand, hit a flower pot, a window, a wooden fence and then buried itself into a neighbor’s house.