NY Man Gets DWI While Driving Motorized Cooler

DEADSPIN drives over news that a Memorial Day motorist had his holiday ruined with a DWI charge. Well, you can’t really blame the guy - after all, he was driving a cooler.

Cruzin Cooler with dog passenger

(Too many beers are often followed by hair of the dog)

The GLENS FALLS (NY) POST-STAR reports that 57-year-old Leslie J. “Bomber” Marr (if we were named ‘Leslie’, we’d go by ‘Bomber’, too) was pulled over by police after “swerving and driving on the sidewalk on a four-wheeled, motorized cooler known as a ‘Cruzin Cooler’.”

Marr had just left the local American Legion post when cops caught him careening around in his electric-powered cooler. The fuzz also found 14 beers stored in Bomber’s cooler - so at least he was driving with a full tank.

Amusingly, not only is Marr facing drunk driving charges, he’s also been cited for driving an uninsured motor vehicle. Turns out the cooler is considered a car in New York State, and as all cars do, it needs insurance protection. Wonder how you explain this to Geico?

Anyway, as gas prices keep soaring, Cruzin Coolers could become America’s great motoring alternative - even Ellen DeGeneres has one! And it’s not just for solo drivers - you can bring the whole family along when you also buy the Coolagon!

Now we know what Brooks will drive on his cross-country trip.

(On a side note, here’s a hilarious reaction from a Deadspin commenter on the photo above: “If that was a yellow lab he probably wouldn’t have been pulled over.”)