Man Arrested For Inappropriate Pictures At The Australian Open

We read with some horror that a man has actually been arrested for taking “inappropriate pictures” during the Australian Open.

Mostly, the up-the-skirt variety with a roving digital camera. Isn’t that all there really is to do Down Under during these two weeks anyway?

And what does that say about the legitimate news organizations that have been putting pictures like these out from the tournament:

That’s Germany’s Tommy Haas playing a didgeridoo after his quarterfinal victory on Wednesday. If it wasn’t for the lyrics to “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport,” we may never have figured out what this Aboriginal musical instrument/bong is, or why no one should be pictured in public playing/blowing it.

The reaction to Haas’ victory by girlfriend/fledgling actress Sara Foster during his match tells us she’s probably pretty good didgeridooing as well.