Man Accused Of Killing Jasper Howard Arrested

The HARTFORD COURANT has news today that 21-year-old John Lomax has been charged in the stabbing death of Jasper Howard. Lomax, who is not a UConn student, is being held on $2M bail.

John Lomax Jasper Howard

(Murder suspect John Lomax on left)

Police also arrested 20-year-old Hakim Muhammad and charged him with conspiracy to commit first-degree assault. A third man, Jamal Todd, 21, has been charged with falsely reporting an incident and reckless endangerment “for pulling the fire alarm that preceded the altercation during which Howard was stabbed.”

Lomax’s attorney Deron Freeman, said, “I’m surprised, because my information is that my client had nothing whatsoever to do with the stabbing. … State police believe he knows more than he’s telling.


Police have been unable to find the knife used to stab Howard. They searched storm drains in the area around the campus and last weekend searched a nearby lake. They also executed search warrants on homes and apartments where Lomax has lived.

The big thing missing in early news accounts of Lomax’s arrest is if witnesses identified him as the murderer. The killing took place around a large crowd of people, and police have made it clear in the past that there were many who may have seen the altercation take place.

With no murder weapon and a denial from Lomax, the police have to have something to go on in arresting Lomax. My guess would be he’s been fingered by multiple people. Or sold down the river by John Hood, who was arrested last week in connection with the killing. Hood and Lomax were described in the Courant as acquaintances.

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