Sacto Kings Co-Owner Joe Maloof Suffers Stroke

Quite an exciting performance by the Sacramento Kings against the L.A. Lakers last night. Such supreme domination over the NBA’s best team certainly wasn’t for the weak of heart. We’re looking at you, Joe Maloof.

Maloof brothers Joe left Gavin right

(Joe on far left)

Ailene Voisin of the SACRAMENTO BEE gave the Kings’ co-owner a call on Wednesday, and discovered that the Maloof brother encountered a concerning medical problem last week - he had suffered a stroke.

Ailene said when she first rang up Joe, she noticed that he “was breathing hard, so for a few minutes there, I wondered what the heck he was doing.” (We’d rather not wonder.) But it turns out that Joe was doing some physical therapy, trying to help him recover from double-knee replacement surgery last August. Or so he says.

Anyway, Maloof revealed that he did in fact suffer a stroke last week, but it’s nothing to start sending flowers & condolences over:

“Just a mild one, a mild one,” the Kings co-owner informed me. “I’m fine. I just have to get back to working out consistently, which I wasn’t doing because of my knees. But I’m so much better now. I’m coming back to Sac in a few days, and I’ll be around. I’m feeling so good now I can hardly believe it.”

Maloof then mentioned how happy he was with his Kings’ crowning of Kobe & crew, stating, “That might have been the most important regular-season win since we bought the team.” Voisin added, “With that, he went back to pumping iron, or whatever one does in physical therapy.”

Who knows what Joe would be pumping? Maybe these girls have some idea:

Sacramento Kings dance team drinking