Malcolm Kelly Will Run On Malcolm Kelly’s Time

A lot of people, including the esteemed Matt Mosley of HASHMARKS, had former Oklahoma wide receiver Malcolm Kelly as an easy first-round pick. But then he ran a bad 40-yard dash and (arguably worse) publicly blamed his coaches for it.

malcolm kelly oklahoma football

Now, Mosley suggests, he’ll be lucky to be picked on the first day of the draft.

[H]e’s apologizing for his rant on a Tyler, Texas radio station. The guy interviewing him is David Smoak, a longtime Friend of Hashmarks. On Sunday, Kelly will hold yet another workout in Atlanta under the direction of former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Boyd Dowler. But here’s the catch: No NFL scouts will be allowed in the building. Dowler, who’s in the Packers Hall of Fame, will send video and information from the workout to all 32 NFL teams and various media outlets.

So he’s making up for a bad 40 time by…holding a pro day where the pros will be forbidden to attend. Okay, but he’ll still run for other teams, right? That way he can show his wares and ensure accurate times for the scouts. I mean, he wouldn’t be that ignorant, would he?

I know he’s in Pittsburgh today, but I don’t think he’s planning to run.