Magic Extend Redick Contract - Just To Deal Him?

In a move that both stabilizes the warmth of their bench and keeps it from tipping over at the other end from the weight of coach Stan Van Gundy, the Orlando Magic have extended the contract of poet laureate J.J. Redick by adding a fourth-year option.

Redick Mug Shot

At the same time,  the ORLANDO SENTINEL reports some movement may be in the former Duke Blue Devil and DUI arrestee’s future:

Magic General Manager Otis Smith told the Sentinel recently that he could have traded Redick or Keith Bogans this summer. A deal involving one of them still could be in the offing.

I’m no NBA GM, but it’s fun to speculate what a Redick trade might involve.  In a 1-for-1 swap, I could see the Memphis Grizzlies trading the remaining portion of their Jelly Of The Month subscription for the defensively-deficient Redick.  The Utah Jazz may be interested in everyone’s favorite squeaky-clean, melanin-deprived 12th man, and a tire rotation and lube job would certainly be more than enough compensation.  Until Tuesday’s resignation-slash-forceout, Clippers GM Elgin Baylor likely would have overpaid for J.J. by offering a bushel of avocados.

Wherever he ends up, the important thing is that Dick Vitale’s pet is able to continue receiving millions of dollars for doing nothing but living off his collegiate fame.  That’s quite a niche he has carved out for himself.  The ex-CEO of Lehman Bros. is jealous.