Mag: Romo Cheated On Simpson ‘In Her Own Bed’

By now, you’ve probably seen the latest pics of Jessica Simpson and how’s she’s … um … to put it nicely, “got more of her to love” - or to put it not so nicely, “got really fat”. In case you forgot, here’s a friendly reminder:

Jessica Simpson fat

Now, you may argue whether Jess’s new larger-than-life look jeopardizes her status as a sex symbol. (Whether she was a sex symbol to begin with is another matter of debate. With evidence like this, I lean toward “yes”.) But there seems to be one person who might not be so big on Jessica becoming so big - her footballin’ beau, Tony Romo.

A super-sized Jessica could be the reason behind claims that the Cowboys QB is calling signals behind the singer-actress’s back. In other words, Tony is cheating on Jessica!

Tony Romo Jessica Simpson

(Is this the end of America’s Favorite Couple?)

Or so says STAR magazine. Here’s the set-up, according to the rag mag:

Back on January 16, Jessica flew out of beautiful Burbank airport - possibly to get a head start on the KISS-FM chili cookoff. That evening, Tony went to an invitation-only opening of some “L.A. hot-spot” (guess our invite is still in the mail), and was partying down with a posse including some guy from “Laguna Beach” and another guy from “Entourage”. (I watch neither, so color me unimpressed.)

Having had his fill of L.A. hot-spotting, Tony apparently invited some of the partygoers “back to my place”, probably to “look at my etchings” or “make plans to T.P. T.O.’s house.”

But when people arrived at the two-story country cottage-style home off Coldwater Canyon in Beverly Hills, it soon became obvious that “his place” belonged to his unsuspecting — and absent — girlfriend, Jessica.

Amid Jessica’s gold albums, the party raged on downstairs. But on the second floor, Tony was enjoying his own private party — with a long haired, olive-skinned cutie.

How scandalous! How uncouth! The nerve of this backstabbing weasel!

Tell us more!

“Everyone was talking about it downstairs,” dishes the source. “The girls were saying it was so wrong and shady of Tony to cheat on Jessica — especially in her place! I just can’t believe he would hook up with another woman at his own girlfriend’s house.”

However, the Star neglected to go into any dirty details of how Tony was getting along (or gettin’ it on) with the olive-skinned one. For that, they order us to “pick up the new Star today!” I hate it when tabloid journalism does that!

We haven’t uncovered any photographic proof yet of Tony Romo-ancing an “olive-skinned cutie”, but we have a hunch on who the lucky lady might be:

Olive Oyl Valentine