Mag: Alleged Tiger Mistress ‘Dated’ Jeter, ARod

As Tiger Woods‘ alleged mistress plots her next move with Gloria Allred here in Los Angeles today, US Magazine has a revelation about other men Uchitel has allegedly dated.

Rachel Uchitel Allegedly Dated Derek Jeter And Alex Rodriguez

Her mother has told friends her daughter has dated New York Yankee players Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.

More information continues to bleed out about Uchitel from past associates, along with tales of Woods’ alleged sordid lifestyle.

Steve Lewis of Blackbook Magazine, a publication that did a lengthy interview with Uchitel long before the Tiger Woods affair allegations came to light, has this today:

I asked some of her close friends about the allegations of her affair with the Tiger. Although her friends say “probably,” I could not confirm the affair. I got a lot of “I wouldn’t put it past her” and “she rolls in those kinds of circles.” I did get one reliable “she told friends she was friends with him.”

Lewis also had this piece on Woods’ allegedly alt-lifestyle:

I was told that over the last three to five years, many a jet was occupied by Mr. Woods and his entourage, with an ex-working girl tasked to provide beauties for the beasts. Come back tomorrow for more on the working girl in question—a lady based out of Chicago who is a regular “pal” of one of Tiger’s inner circle. “The jets would touch down in L.A. or Vegas or wherever the party was,” said my source. I asked if Mr. Woods was partaking in the girlie action? She responded with “duh.”

On the subject of Woods’ showing at his golf tournament on Tuesday, LA WEEKLY had this today:

The event, which took out an eight-page ad in Sunday’s Los Angeles Times, complete with a cover shot of Woods in full swing, starts Thursday.

Perhaps that indicates will show for the tournament, but maybe not until later in the week. He has been previously scheduled for a press conference today, to follow a morning round of golf at Sherwood Country Club.