Madoff Victim Hawks Golf Balls With Sleazeball Pic

Walker Manzke lost his job at a hedge fund and a significant amount of money thanks to Bernard Madoff. And probably a lot of friends too, since he encouraged others to invest in Madoff’s $50 billion Ponzi scheme. But now Manzke has come up with a way to get his revenge: selling golf balls with Madoff’s smirking face on them.

Walter Manzke and his Sleazeballs

As MY FOX reports, For the low, low price of $17.95, you can buy three golf balls with a picture of Madoff on them. Someone should send a sleeve or two to Mets owner Fred Wilpon, or maybe Sandy Koufax - I suspect that they both have good reasons to want to get some revenge on Madoff (although thanks to Madoff, it might only be at the local public courses instead of a private club).

Manzke was on FOX BUSINESS last night to discuss Sleazeballs LLC, and host David Asman asked Manzke about the therapeutic value of the golf balls:

Asman: “So every time you slam that golf ball you’re slamming Bernie Madoff. Have you tried it, by the way? Does it work?”

Manzke: “It helps a little bit”

Among the features of the ball touted on its Web site are: “maximum deception allowed by the rules of golf,” “optimum spin for maximum duplicity,” “sham cover” and “guaranteed cut-throat action.”

Manzke wrote on a Web site called iREPORT that he has “been unsuccessful at finding a new job and quite frankly I am sickended (sic) to even think about going back to work in the financial industry. I have decided to do something else entitrely (sic).” I sure hope that the golf ball thing works out for him; I doubt that anything involving writing or editing is going to work out for him.