Lush Super Bowl Parties On The Chopping Block

In these rough economic times, nothing is sacred. Circuit City closed a bunch of stores before Black Friday, the stock market is tumbling harder than the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” lady, and cats & dogs are sleeping together just to cut their rent in half. But now we have the ultimate sign that our economy is in a deep depression: A whole bunch of Super Bowl parties are being canceled this year.

Owen Wilson at Playboy Party

(Owen Wilson is not pleased by the news. Or maybe he’s really pleased.
You can never tell with him.)

According to SPORTS BUSINESS JOURNAL, Super Bowl parties hosted by Sports Illustrated and talent agencies CAA and Octagon have already met their grisly end. Even more upsetting, the party plans for Playboy, one of the mainstays of the Super Bowl party scene for years, are said to be “up in the air”. And that, my friends, is not a good sign.

Luckily, there are a few EXTREME party organizers who are going full steam ahead with their festitivites, economy be damned!


Maxim, by the way, whose party has become the official bacchanal of the Super Bowl, still plans to stage its party, said spokeswoman Nora Haynes.

At NFL headquarters, spokesman Brian McCarthy acknowledged that the league’s fabled “Commissioner’s Party” may have fewer revelers this year. “In part, because we anticipate our business partners will be cutting back on the numbers they bring to town,” he said. “We are not immune.”

Among others still on the schedule: ESPN The Magazine said its party is on, but that it isn’t ready to announce sponsors. Three parties over three nights called “The Good Life Experience,” starring boxer Winky Wright and rapper entrepreneur P. Diddy, will be staged in St. Petersburg, Fla., with tickets going for from $200 to $800 a night. And actor John Travolta still plans to hold his annual Super Bowl party. Meanwhile, former San Francisco 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo, who doesn’t usually throw a big Super Bowl party, is planning to host one this year. His company, DeBartolo Sports & Entertainment, is based in Tampa.


(Fear not, Fergie will find a place to sing. Or whatever it is you call that.)

Even more hilarious is this mention in the article:

Agent Leigh Steinberg, one of the pioneers of big Super Bowl parties, is planning his third, environment-themed green party. “We are absolutely going to hold ours,” he said.

Well, at least it’s hilarious when you realize Steinberg was recently picked up on his 3rd alcohol-related charge, which included Steinberg “screaming and attempting to climb up a hill”, an image one cannot get out of their head.

On second thought, maybe it’s more sad than hilarious, seeing as Steinberg’s life is apparently a deep, yawning chasm that can only filled with booze and elaborate parties. Perhaps this Thanksgiving, we should all give thanks that our life isn’t as big of a mess as Steinberg’s. And then we should follow that offering by praying to our deity that we get invited to his shindig, because you just know it’s going to be awesome.