LT Wife Doubts Accuser, Cites ‘Husband’s Taste’

Last night Lynette Taylor was booked to appear on CNN’s Larry King Live but backed out at the last moment. Perhaps now we know why.

Lawrence Taylor Wife Lynette Taylor

Since her CNN cancellation, Taylor has provided a photo of her and the ex-NFL star together to The Insider while offering comments on her husband’s pending rape and prostitution charges.

On the allegations against Taylor: “I have no idea what he was doing with a teenager. We’re talking about reports, not what we know as facts. I don’t know if he was with a teenager. Lawrence is 51 years old. Why would a teenage girl be soliciting sex from a 51-year-old man?

Yesterday Mrs. Taylor told that she thought her husband was “set up. She reported to The Insider that apparently the same thought has crossed Lawrence Taylor’s mind.

“I don’t believe it. This is not my husband’s character. I’ve spoken to him several times. He is distraught because he didn’t do anything wrong. I believe and he believes that he was set up.”


“First, he is not one of those people who would invite a person back to his room. He has been in situations before where he has been robbed and by different women, so that’s not something that he does. Second thing is, I know my husband’s taste.

“He has a certain type of woman that he likes and from what I’m learning of this, this person had nothing to offer him, so I don’t why he would go to such extremes for someone that’s not even his thing. I’m sure there’s no shortage of women…”

While I admire Mrs. Taylor’s defense of her husband, not too sure the “taste of women” defense was such a great idea. (Coincidentally, I also find myself oddly unattracted to police-reported 16-year-old prostitutes suffering from fresh facial injuries.)