LT Takes “Further Damaged” Knee To Super Bowl

The San Diego Union Tribune reports today that “LaDainian Tomlinson had an additional MRI on his left knee Tuesday that revealed his playing even just four snaps in the AFC Championship Game further damaged it.

LaDainian Tomlinson Fishing

Surgery is still not required, but the knee will take longer to heal. To no one’s surprise, Tomlinson will not play in the Pro Bowl.

But the injury hasn’t stopped Tomlinson from traveling to Phoenix this week “as part of an endorsement deal.

Help us with that. His knee was further damaged in the Pats game, he can’t play in the Pro Bowl, yet he can get on a plane to Phoenix and walk around for a week promoting some product he’s endorsing?

It’s a shame LT, who was walking around Phoenix with a “slight limp,” doesn’t have the same commitment to his team as he does his sponsors.

Tomlinson also responded to the U-T on the criticism he received about not playing with the injury from Jim Brown and Deion Sanders.

LT on Brown: “I was more shocked by Jim Brown than anything. Deion (Sanders) didn’t surprise me. I’ve heard Deion say some off-the-wall things. But Jim Brown, he played running back.