LSU Tailgaters: Come Shake Bear Bryant’s Hand!

BUSTED COVERAGE reports today that a reporter at the student newspaper LSU REVEILLE had the bright idea to wear an Alabama shirt around LSU tailgates at the UA-LSU game two weeks ago in Baton Rouge.

Nick Saban Hung in effigy at LSU Tailgate

(LSU’s old ‘n busted: Nick Saban. New hotness: Bear Bryant!)

The reporter then had her experiences filmed and posted onto Youtube. Highlights and video after the jump.

Sampled reax from LSU fans to the faux-Alabama reporter (who is a cutie and probably mitigated the mean-spirited derision):

I hope we murder you mostly.”

If the earth ever had to take a poop, Tuscaloosa would unpucker and poop would come out.”

Nick Saban, you’re a f—ing douche bag.

The reporter was also pelted with objects, mooned, had flying snot pointed in her direction. And of course, serenaded with chants of “Tiger bait” throughout the piece. (Where were the strippers?)

Wonder what would’ve happened if the reporter had been a black male? Or wearing a turban?

I think we know the answer to that.