Is Perrilloux Really Through At LSU? Yeah Right.

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports this afternoon that “LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux was kicked off the defending national championship team Friday after a college career marked by legal and disciplinary problems.

Ryan Perrilloux

EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY reports that sources indicate Perrilloux, who has been in trouble with the law numerous times, failed a drug test (marijuana). The AP notes that Division I-AA schools are already lining up for the QB’s services (and presumably alerting the local police at the same time).

We think the whole thing is a complete charade, based on a paragraph slipped into the AP story.

The quarterback is expected to finish the spring semester, LSU officials said. He must do so to remain eligible to play next season if he transfers.

Right. So he is immediately remaining at LSU, and will make sure he retains the academic credits he needs to keep playing. Hmmm.

We would be absolutely flabbergasted if Perrilloux was not the starting quarterback for Les Miles when the Tigers start playing games that matter this season.

So don’t look for him under center until Sept. 20 when the War Eagles take on Auburn. LSU has three crapola teams to stream through before then.