Another Neaux-Neaux Lands Perrilloux On Bench

A hat tip to EDSBS originally, and expanded on further by the BATON ROUGE ADVOCATE: Louisiana State’s projected starting QB Ryan Perrilloux is taking another unexpected sabbatical from the Tigers for the third time in nine months.

Ryan Perrilloux

Head coach and hat filler Les Miles is citing “a failure to follow team rules” as the reason for the QB’s indefinite suspension (usually translating to ditching classes or other things of that nature), but let’s just say there’s precedent for this not lasting too long.

Perrilloux’s previous indefinite suspension came after an incident in May when he tried to get into a riverboat casino using his brother’s ID, and was suspended for one week of practice and last year’s game against the Alabama Crimson Tide for his involvement in a fight at a nightclub.

Why this may not last much longer than spring practice: the rest of the quarterbacks on Miles’ roster aren’t that impressive: redshirt freshman Jarrett Lee and Andrew Hatch, a transfer from Harvard, are the next couple of options.