Blogs: LSU Fans March For Miles To Keep Coach

• 100% INJURY RATE laces up, as LSU fans are willing to March For Miles:

March for Miles

• Speaking of tearjerkers, DEUCE OF DAVENPORT tosses a hanky to Redskins QB Jason Campbell, who turned on the waterworks after Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys.• THE LAZY EYE OF STUART SCOTT gives a big “Booyah!” to Joakim Noah, who took five games to score his first NBA points of the season.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS grabs some popcorn (and knows a good seller), as the Knicks turn into a three-ring circus:

Knicks Isiah Popcorn

• The PORTLAND OREGONIAN weighs in on Greg Oden packing on the pounds during his season off.• As one league has already had its share of problems, NEW YORK JEWISH WEEK wonders if Israel is ready for *two* baseball leagues.

• MAKE THE LOGO BIGGER bets you’ll enjoy watching Pete Rose sing for Aqua Velva:

• STORMING THE FLOOR catches up on all the “classic” basketball on tap this week.• AOL FANHOUSE feels the pain, as an Arena Football spike takes down a ref.