LSU Coach Les Miles Rumored To Take Control At Michigan

• Scott Wolf of INSIDE USC churns the rumor mill with speculation that LSU coach Les Miles will be heading north next season to take the reins at Michigan, while a former USC assistant takes his place in the Bayou:

Les Miles Lloyd Carr

• MONDESI’S HOUSE does what any Steelers fan would do after a 34-7 shellacking, by gleefully dumping on the Browns.

• Besides Cleveland still not rocking, THE PIG PEN snorts out what else we’ve learned from the first week of NFL action.

• 100% INJURY RATE supercuts to the chase with Olympic fever infecting these bizarre Chinese hairstyles:

Chinese Olympics haircut

• SIGNAL TO NOISE learns that no means no, as Isiah Thomas and the New York Knicks are still facing a sexual harrassment suit.

• POP JOCKS keeps it simple with this limited-edition signed baseball by Yankees phenom Joba Chamberlain.

• Here’s a video from Saturday’s Penn State-Notre Dame game that gives new meaning to the term “Fighting Irish”:

Fighting Irish Notre Dame Penn State

• Brian Ettkin of the ALBANY (NY) TIMES-UNION wonders what life would be like if there was no National Football League.

• GIRLS LIKE SPORTS TOO believes when it comes to outbursts from Ozzie Guillen or Dennis Green, give the coaches a break.

• What, no In-n-Out? FOODEA tempts our palate with this list of Maria Sharapova’s favorite restaurants:

Maria Sharapova burger

• FOUL TERRITORY knows you can’t escape football season in Texas, as even the Rangers’ locker room was filled with NFL jerseys on Sunday.

• VEGAS WATCH tries to shut it down by evaluating the best closers heading into the MLB playoffs.