Ohio State Bucked Again By SEC Foe For BCS Title

In case anyone missed it or found something better to watch, LSU beat Ohio State 38-24 Monday night, becoming the first 2-loss team to win the BCS championship.

LSU Ohio State BCS championship

The defeat prolongs the agony for the Buckeyes, who lost in their 2nd straight BCS title appearance, and knocks the Nuts to 0-9 against the SEC in bowl games.

The photo above features OSU cornerback Malcolm Jenkins reacting to an interception that he thought was a Pick-Six, but was just a pick. The INT was big enough news for his hometown paper in New Jersey to run a story all about it.

But Jenkins’ grab was one of the few highlights for the Buckeyes, as the Tigers mauled their Big 10 opponents for most of the night. Does this mean Les Miles can now finally apply for the Michigan job?

LSU’s win is also a point of pride for Kentucky & Arkansas, the two teams that were able to tame the Tigers this season. Each school’s spirit shop can now start making merchandise with these slogans:

Kentucky Wildcats 43

National Champions 37


Arkansas Razorbacks 50

National Champions 48

Woody Hayes Punch

As for Ohio State, this latest loss on the big stage is enough to make you wanna punch somebody.