LPGA Acknowledges Lesbian Fan Base Goes With New Rainbow Logo

THE LPGA KNOWS ITS FANS, ADOPTS NEW RAINBOW LOGO: SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL reports the news that the LPGA has “unveiled its new logo this morning, which uses sweeping red, yellow, green and blue lines to help emphasize the power of the swing and athleticism of the golfer.” The LPGA look and subsequent merchandise reportedly contains product mix “skewed” toward lesbian female consumers.

New LPGA Logo

We have to give it up to LPGA Commish Carolyn Bivens and other tour officials. Going with the rainbow-colored logo certainly indicates that they now completely understand their fan base. Can the WNBA be far behind?

Danielle Aimee

But in a bit of an upset, the new product line doesn’t include Danielle Aimee blow-up dolls.