Love Of Firearms Brings Olympic Couple Together

There are plenty of story lines coming out of Beijing these days: racism, ageism, sour grapes and sex, just to name a few.

Matt and Katerina Emmons

But the Olympics aren’t just about scandals and bellyaching; it’s also about love. Or something. Katerina and Matt Emmons are Olympic shooters who met during the Summer Games in Athens. Katerina, from the Czech Republic, won her first gold in Beijing in something called the 10 meter air rifle. Matt, an American, won a silver in the 50 meter rifle prone position. Apparently, he had a chance at two gold medals in Athens, but shot at the wrong target (hey, it happens).

As heartwarming as rifle-totin’ love birds might sound, it gets better. According to the indispensable FOURTH-PLACE MEDAL, the couple have become media darlings in Beijing:

Olympic shooters usually manage to dodge the swarming paparazzi, but the “Rifle Romance” has climbed to Spunky Gymnast levels on the adorable scale (just one step below Puppies and Cooing Baby). After all, when you are first introduced in Athens and your second date is in Bangkok, that’s not just meet cute, it’s meet jet set. Not bad for a guy from Jersey and a girl from Plzen.

I hope they live happily ever after and that Alonzo Mourning drops by on their 102nd birthday bonanza, but I think the fact that these two are “media darlings” says more about the lack of interesting Olympic Village stories than it does about the power of love. What, TMZ doesn’t have a Beijing Bureau?

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