Love & Loathing At The Celebrity Bass Challenge

C.J. of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE reels in all the fun & frivolity that took place at the Wednesday night pre-party for the E.J. Henderson Celebrity Bass Challenge.

EJ Henderson Bass Challenge

Before hitting the lake to tackle some trout for the Vikings linebacker’s charity organization, some Twin Cities bigwigs chatted it up while chomping down on some sushi at the gala event.

And two local sports stars spotted chatting together were E.J.’s brother & fellow Vikings linebacker Erin and Candice Wiggins of the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx:

Candice and Erin were hanging with a group, but they appeared to be having their own conversation. When I asked Erin if they had met before, he held his thumb and pointer about an inch apart and said they had previously known each other “a little bit.”

Could it be love blossoming at the Bass Challenge? Henderson’s PR guy Michael Deering put the kibosh on the amorous coupling:

“Erin’s got a girlfriend. He’s in a committed, long-term relationship,” Deering said. “He said Candice is new to the Lynx. He knows some places in town; he was giving Candice advice on the city.”

That was nice of him. Did his city suggestions include directions to a good, firm Minny-based mattress?

But not everyone was in such a pleasant mood. When C.J. tried to film the arrival of Larry Fitzgerald Sr., the father of the Arizona Cardinals receiver just put his hand over his face and warned, “You’re gon’ get that camera broke.”

Apparently the elder Fitzgerald has been too receptive of C.J. referring to him as “Grandpa”, based on what Little Larry had gotten up to with a former Raiders cheerleader.

Video highlights of the sole-ful evening can be seen here.