Louisville Linebacker Supposedly Spit At West Virginia QB Pat White

LOUISVILLE LB LAUNCHES LOOGIE AT WVA. QB PAT WHITE: THE WIZARD OF ODDS does a spit take, as it looks like a Louisville player launched a loogie at Pat White:

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The WIZ notes that during West Virginia’s 38-31 triumph over the Cardinals Thursday night, ESPN cameras caught Louisville linebacker Preston Smith jawing with the Mountaineers QB after a play:

By watching the far right of the screen in the video above, it appears that Smith (in white) tilts his head back then quickly moves it forward at White (in gold). The QB the immediately tries to get the attention of the referee.Brian Bennett of the LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL was told by White that he was indeed spit upon by Smith, calling the mouthy move by the LB “very ignorant“.

However, the Cardinals deny that any fluid flew from their player’s mask, calling the QB’s claims “total fiction“.

Pat White Erin Andrews

But we can all agree that White preferred his previously broadcasted contact with saliva, courtesy of Erin Andrews.