Louisville: Erin Andrews ‘Hubba Hubba’ Post Fake

Louisville football coach Steve Kragthorpe did not write “Hubba Hubba” on his Twitter feed in reference to the Erin Andrews hotel peephole video, says the University of Louisville. It was sent from a fake Twitter account. And now U of L spokesman Rocco Gasparro has a message to all fake Twitterers: You realize of course, this means war.

Steve Kragthorpe Erin Andrews

Louisville wants all fake Twitter accounts involving its university nuked, including those of faux Kragthorpe, Rick Pitino and athletic director Tom Jurich. How they would accomplish this isn’t immediately clear — short of the Tony La Russa option, of course.

But as Otter said in “Animal House,” “That could take years, and cost thousands of lives.”

Louisville is steamed:

“We’ve been in contact with Twitter,” U of L spokesman Rocco Gasparro said. “We sent them all the fake accounts that we’re aware of trying to get those suspended immediately.”

“We’re trying to get all of them shut down because some of them are very vulgar and a little absurd,” Gasparro said.

When you type “Steve Kragthorpe Twitter” into Google, the first result you get is his real Twitter account, “@Kragthorpe.” It’s pretty much what you would expect, with a typical Tweet being: Great to hear Eric Wood signed and in camp. Good luck.

But the second Google entry is for “@SteveKragthorpe,” where the latest entry is:

alright if I’m not the real me then how would I know the last movie I cried in? (Norbit man i was laughin so hard lol!)

Infinitely more entertaining, but oh so wrong.

The real Pitino and Jurich have never established Twitter accounts.

The fake Kragthorpe account has about 100 more followers than the real one, and no wonder, with entries such as this on June 9: Thinking about changing my name to Steve Ochocinco. What do you guys think?

But the line was crossed, presumably, when fake Kragthorpe tweeted on Wednesday: Whoa man saw that Erin Andrews video hubba hubba.

Penalty, fifteen yards and possible litigation.

Although I kind of like this one:

How come they never made a hat with a zip off top? KInda like those pants that zip into shorts lol.