Lou Piniella Jokes About Batting Jim Edmonds 9th

Certain Cubs fans probably aren’t thrilled at the signing of veteran outfielder Jim Edmonds, which is probably an understatement. Skipper Lou Piniella was asked about him, but he clearly didn’t want to talk about it, because he said he doesn’t know anything about his recent baseball ability.

Jim Edmonds - Lou Piniella

Because see what happens when he says something about Edmonds? “He’s going to hit ninth … I’m going to move the pitcher to eighth, and hit him ninth.” Actually, that’s not a bad idea for tonight’s game.

Once the signing is finalized, the former Cardinals center fielder will probably take the spot of Felix Pie and his .286 on-base percentage. But is it a wise move?

See if this thought makes any sense to you:

“Know what amuses me about Cubdom? If Jim Edmonds rips a game-winning home run today, 40,000 fans will develop instant amnesia about why they hate him. They’ll jump, scream, dance, bow, shimmy, do the Soulja Boy thing, demand a curtain call, scream louder when he doffs his blue cap, sing ‘Go Cubs Go’ and vanish merrily into a Wrigleyville afternoon while reminding their friends, ‘Dude, I told you Edmonds was a good pickup.’ “

It somewhat makes sense, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it? Ha! Made you agree with Jay Mariotti! Enjoy showering off the shame.