Lou Holtz Has Some Advice For Michael Crabtree

The scene: Lou Holtz’s office. Michael Crabtree knocks, and opens the door. LOU: “Ah, the pizza is here. Finally.” MICHAEL: “No, it’s me, Mr. Holtz. Michael Crabtree.” LOU: “You were wise to come to me, son. Please, sit down.” (There are no chairs in the office; only a tackling sled and a bowl of walnuts). LOU (still wearing bib from lunch): “Now what seems to be the problem, Matthew?”

Lou Holtz

The problem of course, is that the 49ers are 1-0, and Crabtree is still as far from being a 49er this season as Jerry Rice. In fact, as the ex-Texas Tech receiver’s holdout enters Week 71 (actual facts may vary), there’s talk of him sitting out two seasons before reentering the draft (which he’d have to do before being eligible for free agency).

Our favorite neighborhood coaching TV pundit thinks that’s crazy talk, of course. See the video below, in which Holtz addresses the whole mess in response to a question by Crabtree himself.

Of course Dr. Lou is using his latest ESPN fireside chat to advise Crabtree to basically fire his agent, which is a pretty silly notion. Holtz is four kinds of crazy; we all know that. But how sane is Crabtree? After all, they’re renaming the term “holdout” after him.

Crabtree’s college coach, Mike Leach, seems to be joining the chorus.

“You wonder if maybe he shouldn’t take a more assertive part in this,” Leach said on the “Dan Patrick Show.” “I deliberately haven’t gotten involved. If he had followed my advice he’d still be at Texas Tech. No, he’s more of a loner than a diva. People that follow him around are doing just that, they are following him around.” 

And even though he’s 1-0 without Crabtree, 49ers quarterback Shaun Hill is a little peeved with this holdout. It’s hurting his fantasy league value! But on a more serious note:

“I am a little bit surprised it has gone on this long, I stay completely out of it,” Hill told Tony Bruno on his “Into The Night” radio show. “I don’t know the ins and outs of it or anything like that.  All I know is that right now we have Josh Morgan and he is doing a great job for us, he had a great game for us Sunday. He had a great preseason and a great camp. We are expecting big things out of him. We are moving on and its business as usual around here.”

This makes me smile, because it’s probably the first time in history that anyone’s noted or cared what Shaun Hill thinks.