Blog-Lou-Rama: Holtz Hits Back At ‘Dr. Lou’ Haters

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING intercepts Lou Holtz offering a prescription for those who loathe his weekly “Dr. Lou” segment on ESPN:

Lou Holtz hands

(Just call him “Witch Doctor Lou”, ’cause he’s puttin’ a spell on you!)

If you enjoy Doctor Lou, I hope you will show your support by driving during the day with your lights on. And if you’re unhappy with Doctor Lou, please show your displeasure by driving with your lights off at night. Have a great week.”

Darren Rovell of CNBC wonders which Olympic star is more marketable: Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt? We can’t decide until Usain shows up on Dan Le Batard’s show.

• USA TODAY’s GAME ON horses around with a fun video featuring Big Brown’s homage to those NBA Playoffs split-screen ads.

• Via SBD, Chris Rock was on “Larry King Live” last night, and shared his thoughts on Sarah Palin receiving the GOP’s VP bid: “I thought Al Davis made the choice, that’s how bad it was.”

Johanathan Brooks of LSU’s DAILY REVEILLE has a simple request for the fans of Auburn: “Don’t call me ‘n****r’“.

•’s Adam Schefter points out that Matt Millen’s departure not only took a load off the Lions, but left the league’s Competition Committee short a member.

• WALKOFF WALK tosses up a classic interview clip of Yankees prospect Steve “Bye-Bye” Balboni.

• PLAYING THE FIELD serves up this week’s scrumptious Football Foodie recipe - Hot Pizza Dip.