Lots Of Naked People To Pose In Austrian Stadium

Wanted: Men and women to show up in a soccer stadium and just stand there. No experience, garbs necessary. Apply within, if you knowhatimean.

Ernst Happel Stadium, site of nude art installation

American-born conceptual artist Spencer Tunick is well known for his art installations involving a crowd of naked people, and his next piece de resistance will be at Vienna, Austria’s Ernst-Happel-Stadium, site of the Euro 2008 tournament final. And boy, does he ever need people to take it off. (Warning: NSFWish picture in the top-left corner)

I haven’t had great luck with Internet personal ads asking for me to show up in a strange country without any clothes. Needless to say, I gave that Craigslist user a poor rating. But Tunick seems to be a professional at this, and there’s no need to worry about being exploited for your sweet, sweet ass unless:

(1) You can’t blame it on the cold, because it’s nice out.

(2) Standing next to two other dudes, you have trouble keeping it down.

(3) The man who asks you to sign a release is this guy.

(4) The man standing next to you is this cricketer.

So hey, if you’re not doing anything on May 11, and you just happen to be somewhere in Austria, there’s a free train ticket in it for you. Not to mention free surveillance of a ridiculous number of knockers.